How to build your dream business from home

Here is my story of how I began a business online. A contemporary art magazine that allows me to work from anywhere and anytime. It connects me with the most fascinating people from the art world globally daily. It turned my world around!

what is munchies art club magazine, founder dominique foertig introduce his art project
Munchies Art Club Magazine | A project by Dominique Foertig to support artists, galleries and all people around the business

The Munchies art club is an Art…

Instagram for artists

Your Instagram account should be the portfolio of your work and a window into your creative life. You can be the curator of your own socially engaging gallery.

Instagram for artists is one of the most powerful marketing tools.

How to be a professional artist on Instagram, social media, question and answer

11 basic why and how answered

1. What should my name be on Instagram?

When you select a name for your account, make sure your…

How Instagram can change an artists life.

In this article, I highlight what an amazing tool Instagram is. I strongly believe that it is essential for today’s young and emerging artists to share their work on the art world’s social media favorite.

A message emphasizing the advantages of Instagram for artists

The reason artists should be on Instagram is that they can present their work indefinitely…

Dominique Foertig | Founder MUNCHIES ART CLUB

Founder of Munchies Art Club Magazine |

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