How Instagram can change an artists life.

Contemporary artists on Instagram.

13 reasons why (2022)

In this article, I highlight what an amazing tool Instagram is. I strongly believe that it is essential for today’s young and emerging artists to share their work on the art world’s social media favorite.

A message emphasizing the advantages of Instagram for artists

The reason artists should be on Instagram is that they can present their work indefinitely, and attain reach infinitely. Compared to an analog exhibition, an exhibition on an online viewing room can be viewed globally and permanently.

Your account becomes a permanent exhibition site. People from all over the world, in different time zones, can discover you, follow, share and exchange with you, by using the right hashtags.

A plan for emerging artist to achieve all artistic goals, with instagram
Foto von Ann H | Pexels

A successful art account means being consequent, defining your strategy, opening a professional account, using hashtags, posting high quality images and, once that’s done, you can turn Instagram into your digital playroom.

The gains are incredible from visibility and reach for your work and, in addition, new target groups from art lovers, art collectors, new fans and connecting with a whole new group of the like-minded.

Galleries today are looking for young talent via social media platforms. If they can’t find you there, your chances of being discovered are close to NIL.

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms for artists, art, and creative people. 80 Million posts and 40 billion images/media stored on the social media platform.

As a contemporary artist, I strongly advise you to take advantage of todays technology!

13 reasons why contemporary artists should be on Instagram.

What if this is all real, highlights the reach, opportunities Instagram can offer
Foto von Aleksandar Pasaric | Pexels
  1. It’s a FREE tool!!!!

The only thing you need to invest in is a little of your time.

2. It’s EASY to use.

And should you by any chance feel you need more information, there is a sea of tutorials out there.

3. It’s THE most visual platform.

Pictures, pictures pictures! FULL concentration on the visual. Text is not imperative and is sub-sequential.

On your phone, on your computer, instagram is an always accessible tool
Photo by Greta Hoffman | Pexels

4. Mind boggling Global exposure.

It is accessible from almost anywhere in the world, enabling you a limitless potential of reach and being reached.

Anyone in Miami, London, Paris, Athens, New York, you name it, they can all connect with you, see your art works, and exchange.

Instagram gives you exposure. It is a great platform to show others you exist.

5. Tell your story.

Photos, videos of your art work in progress, your studio, or exhibitions are fun ways to display yourself and your artistic practice.

organize your life, instagram is a tool to sell your art and connect globally
Photo by Thirdman | Pexels


Once you have learned how and where to look, it is possible to find anything from all forms of art, events, exhibitions, presentations from all over the art world. Explore and discover emerging artists, to the most famous, digitally.

7. One hell of a SOCIAL CONNECTOR!

Enabling you to connect with collaborators, art lovers, gallerist, and other artists, simplifying interactions, exchanges, and connections with the like-minded. It ultimately broadens your realm of opportunities.

Allowing you to interact if you wish 24/7–365 days a year.

8. Opportunity to SUPPORT!

It allows you to support and follow your favorite artists. Today many abuse the digital space to be hateful and critical. Be the supportive voice, by simply liking, sharing, and commenting, this is very rewarding and will bring you new followers. I call it Insta Karma!

instagram is inspiration, liberation, freedom, creative, you can fill
Image Sevde Şen | Pexels

9. So much to DISCOVER!

Discover artists, curators, galleries, art fairs, collectors, exhibitions, stories, news, art lovers and more on the art world virtually.

10. So much easier to be discovered.

By curators, galleries, collectors, and art lovers. Modern galleries, art collectors, and art lovers are on a hunt to find new talents online.

In this day and age, when you hear or see something about someone, you google them. Most will eventually head to the person’s Instagram account.

Today’s gallerist, when interested in an artist, will also look them up online. They do this to get a better picture of you, your work and assess how dedicated you are.

11. Be the BOSS.

You don’t have to sit around and wait to be discovered. Take the reins into your own hands. Don’t wait for an exhibition to take place. You are able to curate your own shows and sell your work. The opportunities are endless.

Be sure to start a business account. The business account offers you:

Analytical tools, a section where you can add your contact details. You can filter messages between different tabs. You can sell art on Instagram’s Online shop. You can also schedule content to auto publish, allowing you to schedule your posts ahead of time. It also allows you to include links in your instagram stories

If you do not want to sell on Instagram then you can always opt for a creator account.


Instagram allows you access to a multitude of networks. The reach it provides you, opens and creates opportunities and collaborations you may have never dreamt of worldwide.


It’s never been so easy to sell your work to collectors and art lovers without the support of a gallery. Make your art your business.


It is addictive.

Sure, if you find a space where you get the right attention, praise, and the opportunity to sell your work, well sure, I guess that can be pretty addictive, but I would say in a healthy kind of way.

Make posting part of your daily routine and you are all set up to open your bubble infinitely.

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Dominique Foertig | Founder MUNCHIES ART CLUB

Dominique Foertig | Founder MUNCHIES ART CLUB

Founder of Munchies Art Club Magazine |

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