How to build your dream business from home

How starting an online art magazine changed my life

This is the story of the Munchies Art Club Magazine.

Here is my story of how I began a business online. A contemporary art magazine that allows me to work from anywhere and anytime. It connects me with the most fascinating people from the art world globally daily. It turned my world around!

what is munchies art club magazine, founder dominique foertig introduce his art project
Munchies Art Club Magazine | A project by Dominique Foertig to support artists, galleries and all people around the business

The Munchies art club is an Art Magazine for digital enthusiasts, collectors, artists, galleries, and art lovers of the contemporary arts.

The Munchies Art club especially supports artists internationally. We give them a space to present themselves and their work.

Today, artists have newfound freedom to represent themselves, sell their work, and connect with galleries and collectors worldwide.

We want to assist them on this path, offering more reach and visibility.

Almost two years later, an overview.

Before I even knew what I wanted to do, my journey began with an analysis of the effectiveness of my daily routines. What are my interests? what are the passions I want to follow and what the potential people I want to reach, need?

How I changed my life by moving my business into my home, and it turning out to be the best choice I ever made.

It was a big endeavor; I gave up everything, took all the risks, jumped into cold water and swam.

It’s been quite the adventure, and it’s far from over.

fantastic, to figurative, artists, Oscar Seco, interior, wall art, available
Featured Artist | Oscar Seco | Finding new artists online with Instagram

The first look and the first idea of the Munchies Art Club

At first, I was considering an online gallery. I thought about how I could do that without having to fulfill all the general expectations involved.

Whilst I worked on my business plan, I soon realized 2 things:

  1. I do not want to be a gallerist on or offline.
  2. Yes, I want to work with artists and with galleries.
artist interview anna stemmer dworak, contemporary drawing and illustrations
My first version of Munchies Art Club | Anna Stemmer Dworak in her studio at home| A classical website -gallery site | Today my website looks more like a magazine

Putting it on paper | The business plan

A Business plan sounds like a pain, but it’s ultimately the best tool disclosing what awaits ahead.

Since the beginning, I have rewritten my business plan quite a few times, and everyone tells you that is a good thing, and yes! It is!

I learned it is important to adapt and change a concept along the way — even if you have worked so hard on it.

I have learned what I am capable of, what is hard, what is fun. It was a priority to get rid of everything that gives me headaches, except Bookkeeping that is still on the list.

I am not saying I have found the ultimate way. Things change again and again and will continue to do so. Sometimes more and sometimes less, there is no limit, and I am always open to evolvement.

What I wanted was to start an online space for artists.

Just before I was about to go online, the pandemic and its repercussions hit the world. So the business plan came out for revision again.

You can find some fine examples of business plans online, do your research. A business plan is not just an annoying stack of papers you have to fill out.

If done correctly, the business plan is a crystal ball telling you straight if and how it’s going to work.

It addresses questions you may have overlooked. Points out to you what your earnings will look like in the coming months and years and allow you to revise your project continuously.

First steps : Not Reinventing the wheel

When you start an online art magazine, you are not the first.

You have to decide what you want to be like, figure out how you can stand out. It’s advisable to check out already existing online art magazines.

Ask yourself: What do you like? What don’t you like? What is on offer and why?

Domi Gratz featured emerging artist with a artwork, cat playing, figurative painting and drawing colorful
Domi Gratz | Artwork on Munchies Art Club magazine

In 2020 the art world moved towards the digital, pushed to embrace the web. This intense speeding up of acceptance was, of course, because of the pandemic.

It was a spectacular change and very exciting to follow.

Some were overzealous, getting lost in a world they presumed was easier. They discovered that maintaining an online presence requires a lot of time, knowhow, and money.

Some tried and failed, others took on the challenge and thrived.

David Zwirner and Gagosian Galleries were among the first to present their online platforms in a new design.

They built not only on their digital space; they went further and began supporting smaller galleries and artists.

Projects such as Platform L. A or Zwirner Platform were born.

Thaddaeus Ropac also showed his support by offering free space in his gallery multiverse structure.

From big and small, the art world was conjoining, supporting, organizing.

on view, mira makai, ceramics, featured emerging artist from hungary, discripes her work in a interview with dominique foertig
Hungarian Artist Mira Makai on view at spotlight artists Interview

Doing everything they could to keep the ball rolling, even when the world stood still.

Their goal = my goal = Unite and support the arts and the cultures.

One thing I knew was that I had a lot to learn. What I did not know was what I would discover and that the learning never ends.

There is no stagnation. Discovering new artists, artworks, art people, articles, interests, websites, programs are the daily exciting challenges I face.

My website changes with my level of know-how. I started small and very simple, learning daily, becoming more daring as time changed.

In the beginning, it’s like learning a new language. It can be mind boggling and seem impossible to fathom. Once you learn your way around, follow the guidelines. It gets easier, I promise.

On June 2020, the Munchies Art Club Magazine was born.

An online art magazine

Now my focus lies on an online open-source community and space for exchange and support. An art space where the like-minded in taste, in their views, and interests get together.

It's not about writing an article and that's it. It is a support for smaller galleries and artists. We share their work, exhibitions, and write about them.Offering the artist an additional set up to sell work over our online store.

It's a relationship without a contract, with no backdoor strategic idea. We believe in the artists and galleries we feature.

Our priority lies in networking on a friendly and nurturing level.

Instagram the connector

The very first thing I came to understand was that my most important tool is Instagram.

Instagram is a space filled with boundless global testimony of anything and everything.

munchies art club magazine on instagram, with daily updates. Discover new talents and the very best of art galleries world wide
Munchies Art Club on Instagram | #itsallaboutartbaby

Often enough, I feel like a kid, standing in the middle of a candy store.

It surprises me that some do not understand the incredible potential and pool of resources Instagram offers. But as my Greek stepfather Aris used to say ‘to each his own!.

We started with a handful of patrons. Instagram has changed a lot, and it is getting harder to gain followers.

We aren’t complaining, as the main weight of our supporters is exactly the people we want to attract. Real people who enjoy what we share.

Featuring emerging artists we discover on Instagram

Currently, our most-read category is the Featured Artist section on the Munchies Art club Magazine.

gabrielle graessle, artist spotlight at munchies art club
Gabrielle Graessle one of our first featured aritsts at Munchies Art Club

This feature originated from my fascination with the person behind the artwork. I generally find CVs boring, and other articles I read about artists tend to be very work-based and dry.

There is never enough information about the person behind the canvas.

As a team, we contacted artists we discovered on Instagram for interviews, to learn a bit more about the person behind the piece.

timur lukas, contemporary painting, spotlight at munchies art club
German Artist and Painter | Timur Lukas

We send a set of questions to answer. Questions such as when did they realize they were an artist? Were they supported by their families and friends? Where do they work? Process? Favorite artists, and what success means to them.

It began with artists in our circle of friends, and then we reached out beyond, and connected globally with some really amazing art people, from before and behind the canvas.

This is one of the biggest gratifications I get from my work.

Our first featured artists were Mathis Pauer, Bex Massey, Florian Raditsch and many followed since. You have to check them out. We are very proud!

Quite the ride connecting with such incredible talent from all over the world.

The present

logo munchies art club magazine on medium
This is the new look of munchies Art club Magazine

Munchies Art Club 2.0 | Smooth and with a lot of personal touches, I set up a magazine that focuses on the artists, exhibitions, and galleries

2021 significant changes took place and our selection of artists and events has been growing substantially.

We have been learning from our past year’s experience, new features have led to new ideas which in turn led to a new design of the website.

This is turning out to be quite a diverse project.

I am multi-tasking like a pro:Writing, photoshopping, optimizing, connecting, exploring and discovering, communicating. All these new experiences have made the past year and a half quite the experience.

This is a spectacular journey I am on. It allows me to discover new territories, talented artists, and exceptional shows, permitting me to grow and live a more fulfilled life.

Evolvement - new ways new ideas.

It doesn't stop at features and viewing rooms, I try out new ideas all the time.

1.Top Insta accounts to follow

The Art Fairs that took place during the fall of 2021 brought us together again. We talked to so many people from the arts again.

It was also an exchange of artists to discover and galleries to explore.

Through this exchange, we realized that there is so much talent on Instagram we hadn’t yet discovered; we worked on a new article series called:

List of the Top Instagram accounts to follow!’

the very best of art instagram accounts to follow, a weekley series of new art, artists and galleries
Munchies Art Club weekly series Art instagram accounts you have to follow

It is a means to expand one's Instagram bubble.

We asked people from the arts to share with us their top Insta accounts. This helps in expanding not only our viewers but also our horizon!

2. Submit your Exhibition.

We offer artists and galleries the opportunity to share their exhibitions with us. Ideally achieving additional reach and visibility.

Viewing rooms became quite the hype during major lockdowns. I believe they are important, and my viewers enjoy them, so they have remained part of our program ever since.

Currently on view at the Munchies Art Club magazine viewing room are the exhibitions:

Florian Raditsch exhibition at the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum called With a halo of smoke and flame behind.

Titania Seidl is showing at the Bildraum 07, Vienna called See it as a stranger might.

Georg Haberler is exhibiting ash the fAN — Fine Art Network named Could you explain the world to me, please ( Kannst du mir die Welt erklären? Bitte!)

Titania Seidl portrait, emerging female artist from vienna, austria, behind a painting with a yellow pumpkin
The artist Titania Seidl | Image credit @ Rudolf Strobl
artist portrait, Florian Raditsch, currently on view
Florian Raditsch | Artist Portrait | Image by Rudolf Strobl When Californa Meets Austria Currently on view at Tyrolian Volkskunstsmuseum
upcoming feature with austrian artist and newcomer georg haberler, stiching figurative inked painting on canvas, pink
Georg Haberler | Alvar | 25x20 cm | Acrylic Ink | Sewing thread and textile on canvas | 2021

My journey so far:

I have learned a lot about web design, also technical things. I am still learning how to write and distribute on social media. I am constantly working on my art magazine look. Exploring Instagram to discover new art talents to share. It’s been awesome meeting up virtually with gallerists, interviews with art fair makers. I have enjoyed interviews with Renger van den Heuvel from the Spark Art Fair, connected with curators like Erik Sommer or Maurice Funken from the NAK, AND my very favorite extra: a shit load of new friends, Globally!
After years of working in a very social position, working from home has become my private Idaho.

upcoming featured artist december, ernst koslitsch, with his constructed mythology and yellow universe, austrian emerging contemporary sculpture
Austrian sculptor and Artist Ernst Koslitsch with his yellow universe project

And so it began, my journey… The curator of my art magazine, a decision-maker, and always on the hunt to find something that amazes me to share with my readers.

It is not just about the artwork, it’s more about the person behind, who makes the piece of art even bigger, inspirational, and something to think about.

What I most enjoy is sharing and developing special connections that I nurture and keep supporting long after the article is online.

I have learned a lot and I am far from finished with my journey.

In conclusion

Now, almost two years after my launch of the Munchies Art Club, a lot of good stuff is happening.

My goal more than ever is to go forth with my project and to be unique in the only way I can, and that is by just being me.

This is a very important point. I want to be true to myself and my team. The subjects all have to be to our liking. The art shown is the art we find exceptional and want to share with our viewers, kinda like hey there! Look what we found!

It’s always hard to be the new one in town, but I was very fortunate to have someone take me by the hand and show me around.

The incredible Josephine Wagner owner of the Austrian contemporary gallery Raum mit Licht.

Josephine felt my eagerness, my passion, my discipline and was there from the start to support me. Her belief and support were the light that guided me through it all. I will never forget that and am forever grateful.

Something so small as the Munchies Art club got attention faster than expected in this global mass! It’s incredible how this small, tiniest of projects is developing so beautifully.

The acceptance growing slowly, steadily, but well-rooted, reassures me I am on the right path.

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