You want reach and Visibility for your website? You need to know what backlinks are!

What are Backlinks? Easy to understand SEO for Galleries and Artists | Munchies Art Club Magazine

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What are Backlinks? An easy-to-understand SEO for Galleries and Artists | Munchies Art Club Magazine

Munchies Art Club concentrates on SEO. I would not have made an impact if didn’t use them. Munchies Art Club would not be growing if I didn’t. The Munchies Art club began with a vision, nothing else. I had a small credit from the bank and that was it. I was always good with certain programs, especially Photoshop, and I was ready to broaden my horizon in the digital sphere. The journey was and continues to be a very intense, self-educating one.

As I did not have the financial backup to attend courses, I learned everything online, together with my partner, each one concentrating on what we were good at. We have similar abilities but many areas where one is better at than the other, and that helps.

It’s not all easy and things change a lot, but here on Medium, I want to pass on a bit of the practical and easy-to-understand SEO Tips I found that were very helpful to me.

Why do you need to know what backlinks are?

Because they are pertinent to your online growth and visibility.

A lot of my friends with websites for galleries, artists’ pages, blogs, do not know what backlinks are, or how to use them.

Abbreviations such as SEO acknowledged, but most are not really sure what it stands for, nor how it has anything to do with them.

“Have you ever asked yourself the question if nobody out there knows about your business, not your name or what you do? How will you get found online?”

Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a SEO specialist and go through endless courses and read through all kinds of information, filtering what is best for you as an artist or gallery the way I did.

I will guide you in short through the basic steps.

Let’s start with:

What does SEO stand for?

It’s short for:

Search Engine Optimization.

Google is a search engine.

The critical word is optimization.

“Do you want your name or your business front page? Well then, you seriously need to understand basic SEO!”

Backlinks and keywords are a very important part of basic SEO.

First, a brief note on the importance of keywords in SEO.

Marketing yourself online involves understanding how to use Google and other search engines to guide potential clients toward you. An important factor to be visible to search engines is to use keywords specific to your business.


When you are looking for something on the web, you are typically typing in words (keywords) that will direct you to what it is you are looking for.

You ask:

Where can I buy contemporary paintings from female artists online?

The keywords google reads are buy, contemporary, painting, female, artists, and online. The person searching knows nothing about a gallery called Nova*, nor that the Nova gallery represents an amazing female painter called Fritza Gelda*, because they have never heard of either before. So how can the gallery and the artist Fritza Gelda be found?

This is where SEO comes in.

For SEO, you work on fulfilling certain requirements, so that Google in return ranks your site, page, or pages upfront. Sadly, there is no manual from Google that tells you exactly what to do to rank high with your content. (Makes sense, we can’t all fit on the front pages)

Fortunately, though there are a lot of clever people out there who make it their business to research and test, sharing their experiences, and results with us. If you want to go more in-depth on the subject, the web is full of advice. I would head over to Neil Patels’ website. He is trustworthy and knows his stuff.

Okay, back to Backlinks:

What exactly is a backlink?

On the web, a Backlink is a link from one website to a page on another website.

What are backlinks on my website?

All your articles where you link to someone else’s page, blog, content, or site are backlinks. Even if you link within your website to another article, this is also a backlink, simply an internal one. I won’t go into detail, but in short, these are also important, because by moving viewers from one article to another internal article, they spend more time on your website, another vote of confidence that Google registers.

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In the above diagram, I present the ideal Backlink situation. The gallery sends two backlinks, one for the artist and one for the art fair. Now if, as in the above example, the art fair and the artist set a link back to the gallery, the gallery has just received two votes from art-based websites, so not only two new backlinks but also valuable ones. This also goes for the art fair and the artist. In this example, they too receive 2 valuable backlinks.

What are valuable backlinks?

Not all backlinks are created equal. When building your website, you need to focus on backlinks that relate to the content of your website. One premium backlink to your site is worth much more than many poor-quality backlinks, for example, low-value websites that backlink to you.

Premium Backlinks would be from another artist, a gallery, an art fair, or an art platform. A backlink should come from a trusted and authoritative website. Also known as domain authority. The more authority a website has in your industry, the more authority it reflects on your web pages. These backlinks can be very hard to get, but once you find the right way then you will see in time how your website ranks higher, and in turn, this will allow you to achieve organic growth.

Organic growth is when your website is found through the use of your specific keywords.

Keywords are a huge subject. Building the most amazing website, with incredible content alone, is not enough to be found. I know this can be a pain, but that’s just how it is. Great content and an incredible website will, of course, create more value in the long run, because the people you attract through organic growth return to you and remain on your page!

Simply put, Backlinks are like votes of trust! The more votes you receive, the higher your website will rank on Google or other search engines. Low-value backlinks could be back-linking to, for example, Miele Electronics. Even though they are famed worldwide as being one of the top household brands, they have nothing specifically to do with art.

Do I really need to add backlinks?

YES, you do! By doing this, you are not only building visibility for your site and accomplishing an important step of SEO, but you are also being considerate, friendly, and respectful to others in your line of work. When you give someone a backlink, you are giving them a thumbs up!

community, support art, artists, gallery, give backlink

Do not presume they will follow you back. Be happy if they do.

Backlinks symbolize trust, community, and respect. To grow, one must grow together with others in our field. We can only grow if we all support one another, even with a slight, yet very appreciative gesture, such as back-linking.

How to set a backlink?

It’s very easy:

The link needs to be embedded into the main Keyword:

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how to add backlinks website artists, correct

In the correct version, the underlined word in the above example is the anchor text. It’s the keyword in this sentence.

What is the anchor text? The anchor text is the visible part of a hidden link.

How do you embed the backlink into the anchor text?

You want your links to have an anchor text that includes your target keyword. To do this, you highlight the keyword and then go to the toolbar and look for the insert link option. There, you copy and paste the web address into the field. Presto, you have an anchor text with a backlink!

Google has officially confirmed that backlinks remain one of their three most important search engine ranking factors. Do not overdo backlinks. Only add them there where they link to a site or page that is topic-related to your site or article. When a website links to another website, Google wants to see that the two sites are related.

Quality over quantity is the way to go.


Use backlinks and use them correctly. Don’t forget to use them with the correct keywords. Do keyword research, which are the words that best define what you are offering. You may be just beginning, but if there is trust and your content has value, your backlink can become valuable soon. So use backlinks where appropriate. They are very helpful to you and appreciated by others.

Hope I was able to pass on this information on backlinks understandably, hope I have encouraged you to use them from now on, for I am highly appreciative of receiving them and happy to pass one on to others in my arty universe.

By supporting others that you respect, you will be charging on positive Karma! Follow me here and on social media. Visit my website and immerse yourself in the arts, from everything before and behind the canvas!

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*Gallery Nova and Fritza Gelda are made-up names.



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